President’s Message

Sebastian E. Ronin, Chairman, Amherst, NS

Sebastian E. Ronin, President, Amherst, NS

“Whoever is first in the field and awaits the coming of the enemy will be fresh for the fight. Whoever is second in the field and has to hasten to battle will arrive exhausted.”

Dear Visitor and Potential RPN Member:

After the better part of two years of Internet (largely Facebook) positioning and stops and starts; silly cloak-and-dagger intrigue, betrayals, attempted sabotage, petulant slander and negligent theft; trust building; soft promises and performance; and cautious philosophical second-guessing, the Renaissance Party of North America (Canada) is prepared to “hang out its shingle” for paid memberships and donations. As of our incorporation date of March 18, 2013, the Party is now incorporated as a legal entity. We are out of the gate. We take this long-anticipated step with full confidence that we can and will deliver. We own fully our commitment to be a player on our supporters’ united behalf.

Our proposed program for action is simply laid out in our Mission Statement, Constitution, and Policy Positions. Complimentary reading materials are readily available at this site. The component elements of our Three Pillars are easily understood, though not so easily accepted nor agreed to. Such is the political process of persuasion. We challenge for not only the right, but also more importantly, for the duty, to enter the political arena with clear and proper motives in order to re-invent our society, its institutions, and its methodologies.

To varying degrees, the Three Pillars of Post-Peak Oil Collapse, Ethno Nationalism, and Regional Secessionism have been part of public discourse for several years, in varying forms for several decades. Rather than wane, their relevance merely compounds by historic necessity from one day to the next. What the RPN has crafted, the core that is our philosophical breakthrough, is that we have identified the interdependencies, interrelationships, and dynamic of these seemingly isolated phenomena into a unified whole and Gestalt. The political identity that has been grafted onto this ideological Gestalt is National Synergy. We enter the political arena, unhindered by the rags of redundant identities, as National Synergists. We claim the Centre, the bull’s eye of political activity; it is the high ground. For us all else is Periphery. (1)

We openly draw our support from the Vesica Piscis fringes of all political persuasions, identities, and affiliations, from those who are prepared to leave behind their old perceptions and entertain the new. In terms of real numbers, we anticipate that this raid into our adversaries’ territories will translate into 10-20 percent from each. These RPN members will be the pioneers; these are the risk takers; these are the creators. Our diverse philosophical whole will be greater than the sum of its parts. We further openly propose to employ tactics of guerrilla politicking and parliamentarianism. Our overall strategy, coupled with anticipated traction, recognizes several electoral cycles towards strategic parliamentary success, towards the political opportunities offered by the perfect storm of eventual and unavoidable total and unconditional societal collapse circa 2030.

We make no apologies and crawl before no one for recognizing and employing a fusion of “The Sacred” with the political. This is not to be mistaken nor confused for endorsing any one religious belief over another. It is a simple denunciation of a Globalist, technocratic, anti-life death wish in favour of an organic integrity and humble nobility. In a world that blindly dashes towards The Profane the championing of The Sacred is not only acceptable and legitimate, it is necessary. The time to awaken from a long and deep sleep has arrived.

Some would suggest to simply ignore and bypass the Globalist-controlled and decadent institutions of both the parliamentary and electoral systems. There is a certain degree of principled merit to this sentiment, as is evidenced by the roughly 40% of the Canadian federal electorate who have done exactly that. However, these are times of monumental social and cultural transformation, and in order for such a shift to grasp legitimacy it must break into the realm of politics, otherwise the sentiment remains a sham, a fraud, an empty gesture. A true understanding of parliamentary responsibility negates the liberal sham of being directly accountable to one’s immediate constituency. Rather, it recognizes one’s own conviction and voice.

Nature abhors a vacuum. That’s just the way it is. The existing philosophical and political vacuum is the RPN’s opportunity. Minus political power, nothing happens. This must be clearly understood. This power must be pursued, clawed at, fought for, and eventually won. Reformist wishful thinking is no longer an option. We have entered upon an historical cusp; it is the earliest stages of perceptual revolution. In this struggle there are no freebies, and there most certainly are no guarantees.

Let us not fool ourselves. There are no guarantees that the older parties will be able to muddle through such an historic crisis with any hope of success, even if the reactionary political and financial interests behind them were willing to let them try. We must always remember that our Globalist foes are as yet very powerful, well organized, and well-financed. Ecological degradation, a ruthless corporate and technocratic one-world government, and a soulless homogenization of all cultures and ethnicities are the intent of the Globalist agenda. (These conditions, in general, are a given for both Canada and the United States. We anticipate the creation of a sister RPN in the United States in one to two years.) The RPN will boldly and assertively counter all of these vile, anti-life forces. We have only an opportunity, no guarantees – yet opportunity is all we ask for. It is a precious gift to be either squandered or capitalized and built upon.

We welcome your full participation as a National Synergist upon the journey that we have charted. As said, the RPN’s interrelated Three Pillars of Post-Peak Oil Collapse, Ethno Nationalist Empowerment, and Regional Secessions from the Globalist nation-state are easy to understand, but not as easily accepted in their full implications. Yet acceptance is the line in the sand. With your RPN membership, should you decide to join us, you will courageously choose to step over this line to become a National Synergist.  In these times of extreme despair complimented by extreme hope, may the political vehicle of the RPN be worthy of your choice and commitment.

Thank you for your attention.


Sebastian Ernst Ronin

President and Chairman, Renaissance Party of North America

(1) The RPN’s notion of “Centre/Periphery” is an inverse of that put forward by the French New Right thinker, Alain de Benoist. M. de Benoist identifies “the Centre” as the nucleus of Globalist power with all opposition rendered and defrocked to “the Periphery.” This is no more than a re-labeling of the Marxist notion of “metropole/hinterland.” The RPN has taken the initiative to inverse this political relationship/dynamic of powerlessness.